Robert Clements
Brian T. Alford
Vice President
Tom Vincent
Donna Morris
Secretary Ex-Officio

Susan Adams

David Carpenter

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Karen Delaney

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      Kevin Dunnington       

David Durrett

Gail Huneryager


Karleen Krywucki

Steve Payne

Marcy Price
 Mary Price

Mark Robertson

 Heather Ross
 Suzie Symcox
Suzie Symcox

Courtney Warmington
Craig Woodruff



Sarah Hogan
William J. Legg
Katie McClendon
The Library Endowment Trust is a separate
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides the general public with a tax-deductible vehicle whereby contributions will be invested on a permanent basis for the benefit of the Metropolitan Library System.

Library Endowment Trust
300 Park Avenue  |  Oklahoma City, OK  73102
(405) 606-3760  |  (405) 606-3735 fax  |

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