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For the health and safety of our volunteers, the Friends of the Library WILL NOT be accepting any donated items at this time. Please check back for updates as we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Our office is virtually open every business day to serve you. You can reach us at



Board of Directors    May 1, 2019-April 30, 2020

A Word from Our President


AJ Stewart, President


R. David Lankes said that “Bad Libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.” The Friends of the Metropolitan Library System exist to help our libraries become great and in turn build strong, vibrant communities. We accomplish this through raising funds for the Metropolitan Library System, which allows them to create programming, events, and services to enrich and educate our friends and neighbors throughout the Oklahoma City metro.

The Friends raise funds through memberships and selling donated books. Memberships with the Friends comes with several benefits, most importantly access to the immensely popular members-only booksale event. As for the books, we sell them online year-round, but our premiere event is the annual booksale. The booksale has a storied history and will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next February. The booksale takes place through the dedication and effort of our tireless volunteers, who work all year to prepare.

That is where you come in. We at the Friends are constantly searching for engaged individuals who care deeply about their libraries and their communities to come alongside us and help in our mission. Whether that be through membership with the Friends, donating books for the booksale, volunteering in the preparation and execution of the booksale, or perhaps even joining the Friends Board of Directors, we welcome everyone to partner with us to help our great libraries foster thriving communities.

Thank you,



Aaron "AJ" Stewart

Executive Vice President

Elizabeth Garrison


Harry Ayers



Vice President Communications

Katy Fabrie

Vice President Special Projects

Sara Suthers Regier

Vice President Membership

Jennifer "JJ" Compton



















Advisory Board

Larry Eberhardt, Oklahoma City University
Joe McReynolds, Community Volunteer
Paul Thiel, Community Volunteer
Jason Wiggins, Metropolitan Library System




Harry Ayers, Community Volunteer
Tatianna Cannon, Community Volunteer
Christopher Carroll, Oklahoma Humanities
Jennifer "JJ" Compton, Oklahoma Christian University
Marek Cornett, Koch Communications
Amanda Cornmesser, Oklahoma Department of Securities
Don Dobry, Community Volunteer
Kristine Easter, Integris Health
Katy Fabrie, Gooden Group
Elizabeth Garrison, Keller Williams
Sandra Hitt, Community Volunteer
Rocky James, Community Volunteer
Doli Jones, Community Volunteer
Christopher Larwig, Glass Helmet
Sarah McMurray, Community Volunteer
Carol McReynolds, Community Volunteer
Janet Rowland, Community Volunteer
Kay Samaripa, Community Volunteer
David Schroeder, Community Volunteer
Jordan Spencer, Mass Mutual Oklahoma
Aaron "AJ" Stewart, US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma
Sara Suthers Regier, Mercy Clinic Breast Surgery
Richard Taplin, Community Volunteer
Dara Tinius, Community Volunteer
Larry Willrath, Community Volunteer

Friends of the Metropolitan Library System

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