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Special Friends

The Friends of the Metropolitan Library System is honored to serve as the umbrella for two auxiliary groups which had originally been formed in their communities, prior to the incorporation of the Metropolitan Library System. 

Friends members can also become special members of these two groups in order to further advance the needs of these community libraries.

Both Special Friends Groups are governed by the Friends of the Metropolitan Library System as well as a volunteer board which appoints a chairperson and a board of officers. To volunteer with a Special Friends group, email us at or call 405-606-3763.


The Special Friends of Ralph Ellison Library maintain an association of members interested in books and libraries, focusing on financial and public support for the Ralph Ellison Library, 2000 NE 23rd Street in Oklahoma City, ensuring that the library is well utilized and meeting the needs of the Northeast Oklahoma City community.


Board Members

Sonya Blackwell
Sherad Cravens, Vice President
Charlotte Cravens, Secretary
Vernona Dismuke, Membership
Dianna Freeland
Shirley Golden
Nawassa Hooks, President and Treasurer 
Willard Linzy, Assistant Treasurer
Dr. Dorscine Littles, Special Projects 
Linda Mason
Nikki Owens
Iva Salmon 
Flossie Thurston

Charlotte Wright 




The Special Friends of the Village Library maintain an association of members to specifically assist with The Village Library branch located at 10307 North Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City.  Each year, the Special Friends of The Village Library host fundraising activities to support the growth and maintenance of the Village Library.


Board Members

Janie Biggs

Chris Carey, Vice President


Vicki Clark Gourley


Shannon Clebern


Linda Haneborg


Frances Harding


Eve Patterson, Secretary


Anita Reaves, President


Bruce K. Stone, Treasurer


Lori Williams


Friends of the Metropolitan Library System

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