Suzie Symcox

 Heather Ross
Vice President

Craig Woodruff
Tim Rogers
Secretary Ex-Officio
Susan Adams

Catherine Armitage
David Carpenter

Robert Clements

Karen Delaney

Kevin Dunnington

David Durrett

Roberta Fields

Gail Huneryager

Steve Payne
Mark Robertson

Commission Liaison 
 Penny McCaleb 2
Penny McCaleb
Sarah Hogan 
Katie McClendon
The Library Endowment Trust is a separate
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides the general public with a tax-deductible vehicle whereby contributions will be invested on a permanent basis for the benefit of the Metropolitan Library System.

Library Endowment Trust
300 Park Avenue  |  Oklahoma City, OK  73102
(405) 606-3760  |  (405) 606-3735 fax  |

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